Total Transfer Technology

The creation of the company T.T.T. Total Transfer Technology comes from a precious combination of elements: deep knowledge of heat exchange, over 20 years of experience on both national and international markets as well as introduction in all branches where the application of heat exchange is required.

Whether symmetrical of asymmetrical, the configuration of the plate pack is always calculated by state-of-the-art design software. The first priority is always to find the most cost-effective solution for the customer.

Advantages of T.T.T. plate heat exchangers:

  1. low investment, operation and maintenance cost
  2. highly efficient heat transfer
  3. availability of an asymmetrical flow gap for the most cost-effective solutions
  4. use of the smallest temperature differences
  5. up to 75% less space required
  6. self-cleaning effect due to highly turbulent flow behaviour
  7. subsequent capacity adjustment
  8. high safety with regard to  media mixing
  9. easy to open/clean